The following documents were sent to the G20 Rome Summit:

  1. Regulation, supervision and oversight of “global stablecoin” arrangements: Progress report on the implementation of the FSB high-level recommendations

  2. G20 Data Gaps Initiative (DGI-2): The sixth progress report – countdown to December 2021

  3. Policy proposals to enhance MMF resilience: Final report

  4. Targets for addressing the four challenges of cross-border payments: Final report

  5. G20 Roadmap for enhancing cross-border payments: First consolidated progress report

  6. Cyber incident reporting: Existing Approaches and Next Steps for Broader Convergence

  7. 2021 FSB Annual report

  8. Lessons learnt from the COVID Event: Final report

  9. Enhancing the resilience of non-bank financial intermediation: Progress report