FSB members’ adherence to international standards is essential to reinforce the credibility of the FSB’s efforts to strengthen adherence by all countries and jurisdictions. To lead by example, as described in the FSB's Framework for Strengthening Adherence to International Standards, FSB member jurisdictions have committed to:

  • implementing international financial standards;

  • undergoing an assessment under the IMF-World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) every five years;

  • disclosing their degree of adherence of international standards, notably by publishing the detailed assessments prepared by the IMF and World Bank as a basis for the Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs); and

  • undergoing periodic peer reviews using, among other evidence, reports prepared as part of the FSAP.

Links on this page provide information on FSB member jurisdictions' participation in FSAPs and publication of the resulting assessments, as well as on the schedule of past and future FSB country peer reviews.