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29 April 2022 Supervisory and Regulatory Approaches to Climate-related Risks: Interim Report

This report provides recommendations to assist supervisory and regulatory authorities in developing their approaches to monitor, manage and mitigate cross-sectoral and system-wide risks arising from climate change and to promote consistent approaches across sectors and jurisdictions.

FSB public consultation process

The FSB issues consultations for all policy documents. The consultation process includes the following three transparent steps:

  • Consultations: these will generally last 60 days and will be displayed on this page. The FSB issues e-mail alerts when new publications, including consultations, are published on the its website.

  • Public responses to consultations: these are published on the consultation responses page within 15 days of the consultation closing.

  • Overview of responses: when the final policy document is published, following agreement by the FSB Plenary, a report providing an overview of comments and responses to the issues raised in the consultation is published on the FSB website. (Individual public responses can then be viewed on the relevant consultation overview report page).

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Last updated: 16 November 2020