This report:

  • discusses key market and regulatory developments since the publication of the FSB high-level recommendations in October 2020;

  • takes stock of the implementation of the FSB high-level recommendations across jurisdictions;

  • describes the status of the review of the existing standard-setting body (SSB) frameworks, standards, guidelines and principles in light of the FSB high-level recommendations; and

  • identifies areas for consideration for potential further international work.

The report notes that, overall, the implementation of the FSB high-level recommendations across jurisdictions is still at an early stage. Jurisdictions have taken, or are considering, different approaches towards implementing the high-level recommendations, which could give rise to the risk of regulatory arbitrage and harmful market fragmentation.

The report also notes that standard-setting bodies, including BCBS, CPMI, and IOSCO are assessing whether and how existing international standards and principles may apply to stablecoin arrangements and, where appropriate, adjusting them in light of the FSB high-level recommendations. The report stresses that a number of issues may not be fully covered by existing standards and principles and that gaps should be addressed in a holistic manner that is coordinated across sectors..

Authorities have identified several issues relating to the implementation of the recommendations that may warrant further consideration and where further work at international level could be useful. These include: conditions for qualifying a stablecoin as a “global stablecoin”; prudential, investor protection, and other requirements for issuers, custodians, and providers of other global stablecoin functions (e.g. wallet providers); redemption rights; cross-border and cross-sectoral cooperation and coordination; and mutual recognition and deference.

The FSB will continue to support the effective implementation of the FSB high-level recommendations and facilitate coordination among SSBs. The FSB will undertake a review of its recommendations in consultation with other relevant SSBs and international organisations. The review, which will be completed in July 2023, will identify how any gaps could be addressed by existing frameworks and will lead to the update of the FSB’s recommendations if needed.