This letter from the FSB Chair was sent to the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors ahead of their meeting in Buenos Aires on 19-20 March. The letter notes that the current backdrop of strong and balanced global growth is underpinned by a resilient global financial system that is the product of determined efforts by the G20 and FSB over the past decade.

The letter sets out the FSB’s priorities under the Argentine Presidency, which are designed to build on that strong foundation to reinforce the G20’s objective of strong, sustainable and balanced growth through:

  • Vigilant monitoring to identify, assess and address new and emerging risks.
  • Disciplined completion of the G20’s outstanding financial reform priorities.
  • Pivoting focus from new policy development towards evaluating policies that have been implemented to ensure the reform programme is efficient, coherent and effective, and addressing any unintended consequences.
  • Optimising how the FSB works to maximise its effectiveness by capitalising on its advantages as an efficient and responsive organisation, led by and dependent on the contributions and consensus of its members.