This consultative document responds to a call by G20 Leaders at the 2013 St. Petersburg Summit to develop proposals by end-2014 to enhance the loss-absorbing capacity of G-SIBs in resolution. The policy proposals consist of principles on loss absorbing and recapitalization capacity of G-SIBs in resolution and a detailed term sheet on Total Loss Absorbency Capacity (TLAC). The principles elaborate on the premise set out in the September 2013 report on Progress and Next Steps Towards “Ending Too Big To Fail” (TBTF) that G-SIBs must have sufficient loss absorbing and recapitalization capacity available in resolution to implement an orderly resolution that minimizes any impact on financial stability, ensures the continuity of critical functions, and avoids exposing taxpayers to loss. The term sheet is a concrete proposal for implementing these principles in the form of an internationally agreed standard for G-SIBs. The proposals were developed by the FSB in consultation with the BCBS and will, once finalised, form a new international minimum standard.