The links below provide information on progress in the implementation of the G20 financial reforms by FSB jurisdiction. This information is based on responses to an annual survey undertaken by the FSB's Implementation Monitoring Network (IMN). The FSB has not undertaken an evaluation of survey responses to verify the status or assess the effectiveness of implementation.

Following the adoption of the FSB's Coordination Framework for Implementation Monitoring (CFIM), the IMN survey responses focus solely on implementation progress in other (non-priority) reform areas. Implementation progress in priority areas is reported separately.

The latest survey was undertaken in 2021. In 2019 and 2021, jurisdictions that previously reported implementation of a particular recommendation as completed were not required to provide information about progress to date or next steps for that recommendation. Given the advanced implementation status of the reforms, 2021 and 2019 survey responses for most recommendations are unchanged from 2018. In a few instances, jurisdictions did not provide updated survey responses in 2019 or 2021 since they had reported implementation completed for all recommendations previously (Canada – 2019 and 2021, Spain – 2021, Japan – 2019).