The FSB’s Coordination Framework for Implementation Monitoring (CFIM), adopted in October 2011, distinguishes between priority areas that undergo more intensive monitoring and detailed reporting and other areas of reform. With implementation well underway, regular stand-alone progress reports are prepared by the FSB or relevant standard-setting body in designated priority areas. 

The reporting of implementation progress across all areas of reform can be found in the periodic progress reports prepared for G20 Leaders Summits and for meetings of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. The links below provide additional information on progress in the implementation of priority areas.

Starting in 2015, the FSB began publishing an annual report on the implementation and effects of the G20 financial regulatory reforms. Included in those reports is a colour-coded table (‘dashboard’) that describes the status of implementation progress by FSB jurisdiction across priority areas.

View the latest Implementation Progress Dashboard

In addition, starting in 2015, the FSB began publishing Jurisdictional Profiles that present the status of implementation of all G20 financial regulatory reforms by FSB jurisdiction, drawing on information from various sources.

Priority Areas