Financial Stability Board


  • 19 November 1999 FSF establishes working groups

    Press enquiries:+41 61 280 [email protected] no: 43/1999E  Subsequent to its last meeting in Paris in September, the Financial Stability Forum has formed and issued terms of reference for two ad hoc working groups: A task force chaired by Mr Andrew Sheng, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, has been asked to examine ways of […]
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  • 19 November 1999 FSF Study Group on Deposit Insurance – Terms of Reference

      Study recent experience with deposit insurance schemes - by examining systems that worked well, those that did not work well, and the reasons why - and synthesising the key lessons learned. Sketch the policy trade-offs presented by different types of deposit insurance schemes, taking account of different institutional settings. Examine the issues involved in […]
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  • 19 November 1999 FSF Study Group on Implementation of Standards – Terms of Reference

    1.  The task force should explore issues related to promoting the implementation of international standards relevant to strengthening financial systems. 2.   The task force should consider a strategy for implementation of standards that may include: o    countries announcing their commitment to implement standards and participate in credible assessments of compliance; o    technical assistance in support of implementation efforts being […]
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