On 17 October 2022, the FSB published a consultative document on achieving greater convergence in cyber incident reporting. The consultative document:

  • Sets out recommendations to address impediments to achieving greater convergence in CIR with a view to promote better practices;

  • Advances work in developing common terminologies around cyber by proposing updates to the FSB’s Cyber Lexicon; and

  • Proposes the development of a format for incident reporting exchange (FIRE) to promote convergence, address operational challenges arising from financial institutions needing to report to multiple authorities and foster better communication.

The FSB received 22 written responses from a variety of stakeholders. The FSB also organised workshops on 17 November 2022 and on 8 February 2023 to gather further feedback on the consultative document.

This document summarises the comments raised in the public consultation and sets out the main changes made to the final reports in order to address them.