On 28 June 2020, the FSB published an Evaluation of the effects of too-big-to-fail reforms: consultation report. The FSB also carried out extensive public engagement as part of the consultation. Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 30 September 2020. The public comments received are available below.

The FSB thanks those who took the time and effort to express their views. The FSB expects to publish the final evaluation in early 2021.

Anat Admati

Bank Policy Institute (BPI)

Banking Association South Africa

Better Markets

Bruce Strachan

Credit Suisse

Elise Lefeuvre

Federal Financial Analytics

Finance Watch

Financial Services Forum and American Bankers Association

Global Financial Markets Association (GFMA)

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)

Hans Degryse, Mike Mariathasan and Thi Hien Tang

Institute of International Finance (IIF)

Japanese Bankers Association

Kenichi Ueda

Martin Hellwig

Richard Berner

SOFR Academy

Stephen Cecchetti

Thorsten Beck


Viral Acharya

Wieandt and Hahn

World Council of Credit Unions