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IOSCO announced six high level principles on the regulation of hedge funds:

i. Hedge funds and/or hedge fund managers/advisers should be subject to mandatory registration. 

ii. Hedge fund managers/advisers which are required to register should also be subject to appropriate ongoing regulatory requirements relating to:

a. Organisational and operational standards;

b. Conflicts of interest and other conduct of business rules;

c. Disclosure to investors; and

d. Prudential regulation.

iii. Prime Brokers and banks which provide funding to hedge funds should be subject to mandatory registration/regulation and supervision. They should have in place appropriate risk management systems and controls to monitor their counterparty credit risk exposures to hedge funds.

iv. Hedge fund managers/advisers and prime brokers should provide to the relevant regulator information for systemic risk purposes (including the identification, analysis and mitigation of systemic risks).

v. Regulators should encourage and take account of the development, implementation and convergence of industry good practices, where appropriate.

vi. Regulators should have the authority to co-operate and share information, where appropriate, with each other, in order to facilitate efficient and effective oversight of globally active managers/advisers and/or funds and to help identify systemic risks, market integrity and other risks arising from the activities or exposures of hedge funds with a view to mitigating such risks across borders.