The monitoring of implementation in other (non-priority) areas of reform is undertaken by the FSB's Implementation Monitoring Network (IMN). The principal source of information for the IMN is the responses to its annual survey (which was first launched in 2010) by FSB jurisdictions.

The areas of reform included in the current version of the survey are: hedge funds; securitisation; enhancing supervision; building and implementing macroprudential frameworks and tools; improving oversight of credit rating agencies; enhancing and aligning accounting standards; enhancing risk management; strengthening deposit insurance; safeguarding the integrity and efficiency of financial markets; and enhancing financial consumer protection.

The IMN has undertaken seven annual surveys so far and the comprehensive responses by FSB member jurisdictions can be viewed by clicking the link below.

View the national/regional responses to IMN survey

This chart summarises the recommendation-wise status of implementation of G20/FSB recommendations across the FSB membership, based on the latest available IMN survey information. This is complemented, starting in 2016, by a note summarising implementation progress and recent developments for each of these recommendations. Additional information on progress for eight of these recommendations that pertain to securities markets can be found in a separate report by IOSCO.

To enhance the comprehensiveness, consistency and granularity of responses, the 2015 IMN survey included a few additional questions for four G20/FSB recommendations that were reported to be at an advanced stage of implementation. You can view the tables summarising jurisdictions’ responses in each of these reform areas by clicking on the following links:

Status of implementation of G20/FSB recommendations based on self-reporting by FSB jurisdictions in IMN Survey

The query function below enables users to obtain information on the status of national/regional implementation of G20/FSB recommendations covered by the IMN survey based on three filters: area of reform, jurisdiction and year. This information is based on self-reporting by FSB jurisdictions. The FSB has not undertaken an evaluation of survey responses to verify the status or assess the effectiveness of implementation. In a number of cases, the complexity of the reforms and the summarized nature of the responses does not allow for straightforward comparisons across jurisdictions or reform areas. In particular, reforms whose implementation status in a particular area is reported as complete should not be interpreted to mean that no further steps (e.g. to reflect new international policy developments or follow-up supervisory work) are needed in that area.