27 October 2010 FSB Publishes Principles to Reduce Reliance on CRA Ratings

The goal of the principles is to reduce mechanistic reliance on CRA ratings and to incentivise improvements in independent credit risk assessment and due diligence capacity.
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20 October 2010 FSB Plenary meets in Seoul, South Korea

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) met today on key elements of financial reforms ahead of the G20 Summit in Seoul.

27 September 2010 FSB Plenary meets in Paris, France

At its meeting in Paris today, the FSB reviewed risks and vulnerabilities affecting the global financial system and progress on the regulatory reform agenda under coordination by the FSB.

27 September 2010 FSB completes Peer Review of Mexico

The report finds that Mexico has made impressive progress in recent years in upgrading its financial regulatory and supervisory framework to bring it further in line with international standards and good practices.
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21 July 2010 FSB invites feedback on risk disclosure practices

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5 April 2019 Crypto-assets regulators directory

A directory of the regulators and other authorities dealing with crypto-assets in FSB member jurisdictions and international bodies.
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