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Crypto-assets and Global “Stablecoins”

Crypto-assets and Global “Stablecoins” - Financial Stability Board Crypto-assets and Global “Stablecoins

7 September 2023

IMF-FSB Synthesis Paper: Policies for Crypto-Assets

Paper describes how the policy and regulatory frameworks for crypto-assets developed by the IMF and the FSB (alongside standard-setting bodies) fit together and interact with each other.

7 September 2023

Assessment of Risks to Financial Stability from Crypto-assets

This report provides the FSB’s view on recent developments in crypto-asset markets and their implications for global financial stability.

16 February 2022

FSB Global Regulatory Framework for Crypto-asset Activities

Framework consists of two distinct recommendations for the regulation, supervision and oversight of crypto-asset markets and activities and “global stablecoin arrangements”.

17 July 2023

International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities: A proposed framework – questions for consultation

Report sets out the key issues and challenges for the regulation and supervision of crypto-asset activities and markets and outlines the FSB’s proposed approach for establishing a comprehensive regulatory framework to address the financial stability risks.

11 October 2022

Regulation, Supervision and Oversight of Crypto-Asset Activities and Markets: Consultative report

Recommendations to promote the consistency and comprehensiveness of regulatory, supervisory and oversight approaches to crypto-asset activities and markets and to strengthen international cooperation, coordination and information sharing.

11 October 2022

Public responses to FSB's Proposed Framework for International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities

Consultation responses to ‘International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities: A proposed framework‘.

4 January 2023

International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities - A Proposed Framework: Overview of responses to the consultation

Summary of responses to the October 2022 public consultation on the FSB’s proposed framework for the international regulation of crypto-asset activities.

17 July 2023

The Financial Stability Implications of Multifunction Crypto-asset Intermediaries

Report assesses financial stability risks related to multifunction crypto-asset intermediaries and derives implications for policy consideration.

28 November 2023

Crypto-asset markets: Potential channels for future financial stability implications

FSB analysis considers primary risks from crypto-assets and their financial stability impacts.

10 October 2018

High-level Recommendations for the Regulation, Supervision and Oversight of Crypto-asset Activities and Markets: Final report

Final recommendations seek to promote the comprehensiveness and greater international consistency of regulatory and supervisory approaches to crypto-asset activities and markets, including crypto-asset issuers and service providers.

17 July 2023

Crypto assets and financial stability

FSB Secretary General in an interview on Times Radio about the FSB's report on "Assessment of Risks to Financial Stability from Crypto-assets".

18 February 2022

Crypto-assets regulators directory

A directory of the regulators and other authorities dealing with crypto-assets in FSB member jurisdictions and international bodies.

5 April 2019

Crypto-assets: Work underway, regulatory approaches and potential gaps

Report to the G20 on work to address risks from crypto-assets.

31 May 2019

FSB finalises global regulatory framework for crypto-asset activities

FSB publishes recommendations, constituting a regulatory and supervisory framework for crypto-assets and stablecoins.

17 July 2023

FSB Statement on International Regulation and Supervision of Crypto-asset Activities

This statement outlines work being undertaken by the FSB and international standard-setting bodies to address the potential financial stability risks posed by crypto-assets, including so-called stablecoins.

11 July 2022

Crypto-assets: Report to the G20 on the work of the FSB and standard-setting bodies

Monitoring framework with metrics that will be used to monitor financial stability implications of crypto-asset markets.

16 July 2018

At a cross-roads: the path towards responsible innovation in the crypto-asset ecosystem

Keynote speech by FSB Chair Klaas Knot at the ASIFMA Annual Conference 2024.

29 February 2024

FSB MENA group discusses implementation of the global framework for crypto-asset activities and lessons from 2023 banking turmoil

FSB holds meeting of Regional Consultative Group for the Middle East and North Africa in Riyadh.

6 February 2024

International Regulation of Crypto-asset Activities - Questions for consultation

List of consultation questions on the FSB's set of recommendations on crypto-assets and global stablecoins

11 October 2022

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