21 June 1999 Broadening Representation in the FSF

Following the statement of the Heads of Government of the G7 countries that the Financial Stability Forum should be broadened to include significant financial centres, the Chairman of the Forum has issued invitations to senior representatives from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands to participate in the Forum's next meeting, which will take place […]
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11 May 1999 FSF Establishes Working Groups

Subsequent to its meeting in Washington on 14 April, the Financial Stability Forum has issued terms of reference for and appointed chairmen of three ad hoc working groups: a group chaired by Mr Howard Davies, Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority, has been asked to recommend actions to reduce the destabilising potential of institutions […]
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6 April 1999 Announcement of the First Meeting of the FSF, Washington

The first meeting of the Financial Stability Forum created by the G7 Ministers and Governors at their meeting in Bonn on 22 February 1999, will be held at the IMF in Washington on 14 April. The Forum has been established to promote information exchange and co-ordination among the national authorities, international institutions and international regulatory […]
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Latest Publications

7 September 2020 Regulatory framework for haircuts on non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions

Policy recommendations in the framework for haircuts on certain non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions.

25 August 2020 Key Attributes Assessment Methodology for the Insurance Sector

Essential criteria to guide the assessment of the compliance of a jurisdiction’s insurance resolution framework.
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