7 November 2019 FSB Plenary meets in Paris

FSB Plenary meets in Paris to review vulnerabilities in the global financial system, discuss FinTech developments and ongoing work, and agree its work programme for 2020.

18 October 2019 FSB sets out work to consider regulatory issues of stablecoins

FSB to publish consultation on stablecoins in April.

15 October 2019 FSB reports on implementation of OTC derivative reforms

Annual progress report shows that implementation of derivatives reforms has plateaued.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): OTC Derivatives

14 October 2019 FSB updates on market fragmentation work

FSB updates on its work related to market fragmentation.

11 October 2019 FSB and IMF publish 2019 Progress Report on G20 Data Gaps Initiative

Report shows progress implementing DGI-2 but flags the need for continued efforts to meet the 2021 deadline.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB, IMF Policy Area(s): Data Gaps, LEI, Non-bank financial intermediation, OTC Derivatives, SIFIs

Latest Publications

7 September 2020 Regulatory framework for haircuts on non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions

Policy recommendations in the framework for haircuts on certain non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions.

25 August 2020 Key Attributes Assessment Methodology for the Insurance Sector

Essential criteria to guide the assessment of the compliance of a jurisdiction’s insurance resolution framework.
Content Type(s): Policy Documents, Publications Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): Resolution and Crisis Management, SIFIs

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