19 May 2003 Roger W Ferguson Jr to Chair Financial Stability Forum

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3 September 2002 Financial Stability Forum Reviews Vulnerabilities and Efforts to Strengthen the International Financial System

At its eighth meeting, the FSF once again reviewed the progress of OFCs in submitting to the process for assessing their compliance with international standards.
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26 March 2002 Seventh Meeting

At its March 2002 meeting the FSF: welcomed the efforts of those OFCs which have undertaken and publicly disclosed the results of their IMF Assessments; encouraged those OFCs that have agreed to schedule IMF assessments under Module 2 in 2002 to disclose publicly their results and action plans, and urged strongly those who haven't to […]
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Latest Publications

7 September 2020 Regulatory framework for haircuts on non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions

Policy recommendations in the framework for haircuts on certain non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions.

25 August 2020 Key Attributes Assessment Methodology for the Insurance Sector

Essential criteria to guide the assessment of the compliance of a jurisdiction’s insurance resolution framework.
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