27 October 2011 FSB published Recommendations to Strengthen Oversight and Regulation of Shadow Banking

This report sets out general principles for designing and implementing regulatory measures to address the risks identified by the shadow banking monitoring process and describes work plans for five workstreams that will assess in more detail the case for further regulatory action.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): Non-bank financial intermediation

26 October 2011 FSB publishes Report on Consumer Finance Protection with Particular Focus on Credit

This report takes stock of efforts to enhance consumer protection policies with a focus on the financial stability aspects of consumer finance protection, narrowly covering policies relating to consumer credit.
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Latest Publications

7 September 2020 Regulatory framework for haircuts on non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions

Policy recommendations in the framework for haircuts on certain non-centrally cleared securities financing transactions.

25 August 2020 Key Attributes Assessment Methodology for the Insurance Sector

Essential criteria to guide the assessment of the compliance of a jurisdiction’s insurance resolution framework.
Content Type(s): Policy Documents, Publications Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): Resolution and Crisis Management, SIFIs

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