The flow of data across borders, between payment originator and beneficiary, through intermediaries and the payment infrastructure, is required in any cross-border payment. These data are subject to a range of data frameworks: the laws, rules and regulatory requirements for collecting, storing and managing data underlying cross-border payments. These frameworks relate to the conditions allowing or restricting data transfer across borders; what data must be stored for regulatory purposes; how data must be secured; what data must accompany an international payment; and technical standards to promote interoperability between bilateral, regional and international payment networks.

Data frameworks that govern such data flows in one jurisdiction affect the provision and supervision of cross-border payment services in another.

This report provides a summary of the stocktake; discusses identified areas for improvement and other feedback from external stakeholders.

The FSB will build on this stocktake and develop, for public consultation by early 2024, recommendations for promoting alignment and interoperability across data frameworks applicable to cross-border payments, including data privacy, operational resilience, AML/CFT compliance, and regulatory and supervisory access requirements.