In 2018, the FSB developed the Cyber Lexicon to support the work of the FSB, the standard-setting bodies and other international organisations to address cyber security and cyber resilience in the financial sector. The lexicon aims to:

  1. enable a common understanding of relevant cyber security and cyber resilience terminology across sectors;

  2. enhance work to assess and monitor financial stability risks of cyber risk scenarios;

  3. facilitate information-sharing as appropriate; and

  4. aid work by the FSB and/or standards-setting bodies to provide guidance related to cyber security and cyber resilience, including identifying effective practices.

To remain current with the evolving cyber landscape and development of information technology, the Cyber Lexicon has been updated as part of the FSB’s work to achieve greater convergence in cyber incident reporting. A number of new terms were added and some existing definitions were clarified. To ensure consistency with a document that has been implemented for some years now, the same criteria for inclusion and exclusion in the development of the Cyber Lexicon were applied. Terms that are excluded are generally technical terms and terms that are used by financial sector participants in areas extending beyond cyber security and cyber resilience.