This questionnaire updates the previous questionnaire for FMIs, which was published in August 2020. It has been revised following an evaluation of stakeholders’ first experiences with the process via an online survey in April 2021. While a large majority of respondents (from various perspectives) indicated that the questionnaire template was useful, a number of suggestions were also made. To the extent feasible, these have been incorporated as clarifications or amendments to the introductory section. No major changes have been made to the questionnaire itself – this keeps the burden for FMIs low when they next update their responses.

The questionnaire was developed in consultation with FMIs, FMI participants and FMI oversight authorities. It covers general information on the FMI and its legal structure; (the rulebook/contractual provisions regarding termination; and arrangements and operational processes to facilitate continued access in resolution. It is designed to reduce the burden of duplicative information-gathering efforts by streamlining the collection of certain baseline information relevant to continuity of access in resolution. The questionnaire aims to reduce the “many to one” nature of inquiries from FMI participants and authorities to FMIs for resolution planning and streamline the provision of this information from FMIs to firms and authorities through the use of a common template.

All FMIs are encouraged to complete the questionnaire and to publish their responses, or to make them available in other ways to FMI service users and resolution authorities to inform their resolution planning.

The FSB emphasises that if an FMI chooses not to complete the questionnaire, it should be prepared to respond to its clients’ (and their resolution authorities’) information requests within reasonable deadlines as mutually agreed.