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The Application Paper on Proactive Supervision of Corporate Governance supports the practical application of the corporate governance related ICPs, mainly ICP 7 (Corporate Governance) and ICP 8 (Risk Management and Control Functions).

This Application Paper sets out good practices related to the organisation and functioning of the supervisor, with the objective of promoting proactive supervision of corporate governance. It aims to raise awareness of, and seeks to address, the organisational, cultural, and procedural challenges faced by supervisors in detecting problems in corporate governance and taking appropriate steps at an early stage.

The Application Paper also recognises that there is no “one-size-fits-all" approach to proactive supervision given the variety of organisational and governance structures among insurers. As suggested in the Application Paper, proactive supervision should be carried out proportionately to the issues identified, using an approach customised to the circumstances, including relevant supervisory objectives, laws and regulations.