On 30 November 2017, the FSB published a consultative document – Funding Strategy Elements of an Implementable Resolution Plan – that proposed  guidance on the development of a plan for funding in resolution building on the FSB’s August 2016 Guiding Principles on the temporary funding needed to support the orderly resolution of a global systemically important bank (G-SIB) and existing supervisory and resolution guidance on liquidity risk management and resolution planning.

The FSB received eight responses to the public consultation from G-SIBs, industry associations, settlement system operators and official sector bodies. Respondents generally welcomed the consultative document and its focus on the operational aspects of executing a funding strategy in resolution. In particular, they supported the emphasis on the maintenance by G-SIBs of appropriate capabilities for monitoring and estimating funding needs in resolution and on the need for effective international coordination among home and host authorities in the development and execution of resolution funding plans.

This note summarises the comments raised in the public consultation and sets out the main changes that have been made to the final guidance to address them.