This document provides detailed guidelines for authorities in reporting securities financing data according to the November 2015 Securities Financing Data Standards, including the main aspects of the FSB’s securities financing data collection (eg scope, frequency, reporting deadlines), data template for national/regional authorities to report to the global aggregator that contains all the data elements envisaged by the Standards, the codes for classification, as well as some Annexes aimed to help data reporting/processing and improve data quality.

In November 2015, the FSB published the Standards and Processes for Global Securities Financing Data Collection and Aggregation, building on policy recommendations to address financial stability risks in SFTs published in August 2013, in particular its recommendations to improve transparency of securities financing markets. The November 2015 securities financing data standards would allow the FSB to collect from national/regional authorities aggregated data on repos, securities lending and margin lending, based on consistent definitions and minimal double-counting at the global level. The total national/regional data submitted by the member jurisdictions will be further aggregated and analysed by the FSB to assess global trends and risks. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), leveraging on its expertise in managing international banking and financial statistics, will provide the operational support for the collection and potential dissemination of aggregated securities financing data, serving as the global data aggregator.

The reporting guidelines will be further updated as needed, and the latest version posted on this website.