The is the third progress report on implementation of the Enhanced Disclosure Task Force (EDTF) recommendations and covers 40 global or domestic systemically important banks. The report, which provides an update based on 2014 annual reports, includes self-assessments by banks, plus assessments by users of financial disclosures, on the extent to which they believe the recommendations have been implemented. Based on results from bank self-assessments 82% of firms say they have fully implemented the recommendations, up from 75% the year before. The user group, of investors and analysts found “that significant opportunity remains for banks to improve credit risk disclosures even before the transition to the new standards.” In particular, users found that fewer than half of banks provided quantitative information about counterparty credit risk from derivatives transactions (Recommendation 29) or details about the composition of collateral held (Recommendation 30).

According to the EDTF, most progress in the last year has been made on implementing the recommendations on summarising encumbered and unencumbered assets and in outlining plans to meet new regulatory capital ratios and on minimum Pillar 1 capital requirements.