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The Handbook on Securities Statistics (Handbook) provides a conceptual framework for the compilation and presentation of securities statistics, including classifications for different possible breakdowns. It is based on the 2008 System of National Accounts and the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, sixth edition (BPM6). It goes partly beyond these standards by elaborating on additional breakdowns on issues and holdings of debt and equity securities. Special attention is also paid to valuation and accounting rules, as well as to specific operations related to debt and equity securities. The Handbook consolidates into one volume the three parts previously published: part 1, dealing with debt securities issues was released in May 2009; part 2, covering debt securities holdings, was published in September 2010; and part 3, focusing on equity securities, was released in November 2012. It is issued jointly by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

International Endorsement: BIS, ECB, IMF, World Bank, G20,UNCTAD, FSB, IFSB.