The fourth annual shadow banking monitoring exercises presents data as of end-2013 from 25 jurisdictions and the euro area as a whole, covering about 80% of global GDP and 90% of global financial system assets. As in previous exercises, the primary focus of the monitoring is a “macro-mapping” based on balance sheet data of national financial accounts, that looks at all non-bank financial intermediation. This conservative estimate ensures that data gathering and surveillance cover the areas where shadow banking-related risks might potential arise. In addition to the conservative estimate, this report also reports a narrower measure of shadow banking, which is constructed by filtering out non-bank financial activities that have no direct relation to credit intermediation or that are already prudentially consolidated into banking groups. As a result, this narrower measure more accurately reflects the size and composition of the shadow banking sector.This year, the report is accompanied for the first time by the publication of a comprehensive dataset on a jurisdiction and aggregate level, which also includes the data underlying most of the exhibits shown in the report.