The purpose of the methodology is to guide the assessment of a jurisdiction's compliance with the Key Attributes and also to serve as guidance to jurisdictions that are adopting or amending national resolution regimes to implement the Key Attributes. Once finalised, the methodology will enable the Key Attributes to be included in the FSB's list of key standards for sound financial systems and to be used in assessments by the IMF and World Bank under the Standards and Codes (S&C) Initiative. An assessment of the implementation of the Key Attributes in a particular jurisdiction needs to take into account the structure and complexity of the jurisdiction's financial system, including the systemic importance of financial institutions in different sectors (for example, banking, insurance), and the overall level of development of the financial system. The methodology proposes a set of essential criteria for each key attribute that should be used to assess compliance. 

The FSB welcomes comments and responses to the questions raised in the consultative document byThursday, 31 October 2013. Responses should be sent to [email protected]