Comprehensive information on the implementation progress of the G20 recommendations for each FSB member jurisdiction can be found below. This information was collected through a survey conducted by the FSB Implementation Monitoring Network. The survey responses were also used in the preparation of the Overview Progress Report that was sent to the G20 Summit.

The responses submitted by members were published in April 2011. Most responses are as of September 2010; some contain more recent updates.

National/regional responses

►   Argentina

►   Australia

►   Brazil

►   Canada

►   China

►   France

►   Germany

►   Hong Kong SAR

►   India

►   Indonesia

►   Italy

►   Japan

►   Mexico 

►   The Netherlands 

►   Republic of Korea

►   Russia 

►   Saudi Arabia

►   Singapore

►   South Africa

►   Spain

►   Switzerland

►   Turkey

►   United Kingdom

►   United States of America 

►   European Commission