Financial Stability Board


  • 19 November 1999 FSF establishes working groups

    Press enquiries:+41 61 280 8188press.service@bis.orgRef no: 43/1999E  Subsequent to its last meeting in Paris in September, the Financial Stability Forum has formed and issued terms of reference for two ad hoc working groups: A task force chaired by Mr Andrew Sheng, Chairman, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, has been asked to examine ways of […]
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  • 19 November 1999 FSF Study Group on Deposit Insurance – Terms of Reference

      Study recent experience with deposit insurance schemes - by examining systems that worked well, those that did not work well, and the reasons why - and synthesising the key lessons learned. Sketch the policy trade-offs presented by different types of deposit insurance schemes, taking account of different institutional settings. Examine the issues involved in […]
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  • 19 November 1999 FSF Study Group on Implementation of Standards – Terms of Reference

    1.  The task force should explore issues related to promoting the implementation of international standards relevant to strengthening financial systems. 2.   The task force should consider a strategy for implementation of standards that may include: o    countries announcing their commitment to implement standards and participate in credible assessments of compliance; o    technical assistance in support of implementation efforts being […]
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  • 26 September 1999 Statement by FSF Chairman to IMFC, Washington

    The Financial Stability Forum (FSF) was initiated by the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the Group of Seven industrial countries in February this year to promote international financial stability through enhanced information exchange and international co- operation in financial market supervision and surveillance. It brings together on a regular basis senior representatives from: […]
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  • 21 June 1999 Broadening Representation in the FSF

    Following the statement of the Heads of Government of the G7 countries that the Financial Stability Forum should be broadened to include significant financial centres, the Chairman of the Forum has issued invitations to senior representatives from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands to participate in the Forum's next meeting, which will take place […]
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  • 11 May 1999 FSF Establishes Working Groups

    Subsequent to its meeting in Washington on 14 April, the Financial Stability Forum has issued terms of reference for and appointed chairmen of three ad hoc working groups: a group chaired by Mr Howard Davies, Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority, has been asked to recommend actions to reduce the destabilising potential of institutions […]
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  • 6 April 1999 Announcement of the First Meeting of the FSF, Washington

    The first meeting of the Financial Stability Forum created by the G7 Ministers and Governors at their meeting in Bonn on 22 February 1999, will be held at the IMF in Washington on 14 April. The Forum has been established to promote information exchange and co-ordination among the national authorities, international institutions and international regulatory […]
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