12 November 2018 FSB publishes Cyber Lexicon

The Cyber Lexicon will support work of the FSB and others to address financial sector cyber resilience.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): Cyber Security

22 October 2018 FSB reviews financial vulnerabilities and deliverables for G20 Summit

FSB’s 2019 work programme reflects its pivot to implementing and evaluating the effects of reforms and addressing new and emerging vulnerabilities.

10 October 2018 FSB sets out potential financial stability implications from crypto-assets

Report updates on FSB monitoring and analysis of crypto-asset markets.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): FinTech, Vulnerabilities Assessments

26 September 2018 Task Force report shows momentum building for climate-related financial disclosures

TCFD report assesses disclosures made by over 1,700 firms against the core elements of the TCFD recommendations.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB Policy Area(s): Climate-related Disclosures, Disclosure

25 September 2018 FSB and IMF publish the 2018 progress report on G20 Data Gaps Initiative

Third progress report shows considerable progress has been made in implementing the agreed actions to reduce data gaps.
Content Type(s): Press, Press Releases Source(s): FSB, IMF Policy Area(s): Data Gaps, LEI, Non-bank financial intermediation, OTC Derivatives, SIFIs

Current Consultation Documents

15 November 2018 Financial resources to support CCP resolution and the treatment of CCP equity in resolution

Discussion paper on considerations for evaluating whether existing financial resources and tools are adequate to implement resolution strategies for CCPs.

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Latest Publications

1 December 2018 Fifth FSB Annual Report

The fifth annual report contains the financial statements for the 12-month period ended 31 March 2018 as well as an overview of the FSB’s key activities, decisions and governance.
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