The Financial Stability Board (FSB) is seeking comments on its Consultative Document on Cooperation and Information Sharing with Host Authorities of Jurisdictions not Represented on CMGs where a G-SIFI has a Systemic Presence ('Guidance note').

The FSB invites comments on the draft Guidance note and the following specific questions:

  1. Is the process for identifying non-CMG host jurisdictions where a firm has a systemic presence and the respective roles of home and host jurisdictions in that process clear and appropriate?

  2. Are the suggested criteria for assessing the systemic presence of G-SIFI in a non-CMG host jurisdiction appropriate? What additional considerations, if any, should be taken into account?

  3. Are there additional possible forms of arrangement with non-CMG host jurisdictions that should be described in the draft Guidance note?

  4. Will the classes of information described in the draft Guidance note enable non-CMG host authorities to assess the potential systemic impact of resolution measures on the local operations of a G-SIFI? What additional types of information, if any, might non-CMG host jurisdictions require for that purpose?

  5. Are there any additional elements that should be covered or elaborated in more detail in the draft Guidance note?

Responses should be sent to [email protected] by 1 December 2014. Responses will be published on the FSB's website unless respondents expressly request otherwise.