This report has been prepared by the FSB’s Regional Consultative Group for Asia. It covers the profile of non-bank financial intermediaries (NBFIs) in Asia, the definition of shadow banking, the distinction between NBFIs and shadow banking, the regulatory regimes for NBFIs in Asia, the risks of shadow banking in Asia, and the relevance of FSB recommendations on shadow banking in Asia.


This document has been prepared by the FSB Regional Consultative Group (RCG) for the Americas and is being published to disseminate information to the public. The views expressed in the document are those of the RCG for the Americas and do not necessarily reflect those of the FSB.

The RCG for the Americas comprises FSB-Member authorities as well as non-FSB member authorities. The RCGs have been established as a mechanism for the FSB to consult with non-member jurisdictions and for the RCG members to share amongst themselves and the FSB views on vulnerabilities affecting the financial system, FSB policy initiatives and on other measures to promote financial stability.

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