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The Principles set out the preconditions to long-term investment, such as the need for stable macroeconomic conditions, a clear and transparent government plan for projects, as well as opportunities for private sector involvement via public procurement and public-private partnerships investment.

The principles also address specific policies, including:

  • improving incentives to mobilise higher levels of long-term savings
  • strengthening the governance of institutional investors to provide the right incentives for the adoption of a long-term perspectives and the management of often illiquid assets
  • ensuring the tax and regulatory framework reflects the particular risk characteristics of the investments , promotes long-term strategies and lowers barriers
  • informing and educating consumers about the virtues of long-term saving.

International Endorsement : The G20/OECD high-level Principles were endorsed by the G20 Leaders at St Petersburg summit on the 6th of September 2013.