A series of status reports, collated by the FSF Secretariat, on recent and ongoing work relevant to strengthening financial systems by various international financial institutions, groupings and committees. This document is published twice yearly in March/April and September/October. The document is accompanied by a cover note which highlights and summarises those initiatives started during the previous six months, out of the initiatives in the document. 

The document also includes an overview table of major ongoing international regulatory initiatives, including information on their schedules for public consultation and target dates for finalisation. This overview table is intended to provide a snapshot of key regulatory initiatives in the implementation, public consultation and development phases, along with an indication of their timing where applicable. It is intended to assist national authorities, firms and other stakeholders in keeping abreast of and better preparing for major regulatory initiatives as they are taken forward. Initiatives are included in this table, drawing on the advice of the principal international institutions, groupings and committees. The table captures only summary information on major initiatives, and is concerned largely with the timing of implementation. Thus readers are encouraged to refer to the document on Ongoing and Recent Work relevant to Sound Financial Systems for further insight on the background and objectives of these and other initiatives of the principal international institutions, groupings and committees. Readers should also be aware that decisions regarding implementation are in most cases left to national discretion, and thus the timing of implementation may vary across jurisdictions. Lastly, the authoritative sources on dates are the committees and bodies responsible for the initiatives. The timing of initiatives indicated in the table is based on information as of 6 March 2009, and the relevant bodies should be consulted directly for more recent developments. Continue reading