The following documents were sent to the Antalya Summit:

  1. FSB Annual Report to G20 Leaders on the Implementation and Effects of the G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms
  2. BCBS Report to G20 Leaders – Implementation of Basel Standards
  3. BCBS Report to G20 Leaders – Finalising Post-Crisis Reforms: An Update
  4. FSB Progress Report on Transforming Shadow Banking into Resilient Market-Based Finance
  5. FSB Report to the G20 on Actions Taken to Assess and Address the Decline in Correspondent Banking
  6. FSB Progress Report on Resolution – Removing Remaining Obstacles to Resolvability
  7. IAIS Report on Higher Loss Absorbency Requirement for Global Systemically Important Insurers (G-SIIs)
  8. FSB Principles on Loss-absorbing and Recapitalisation Capacity of G-SIBs in Resolution – Total Loss-absorbing Capacity (TLAC) Term Sheet
  9. FSB Overview Report on Summary of Findings from the TLAC Impact Assessment Studies
  10. FSB Progress Report on Measures to Reduce Misconduct Risk
  11. FSB Peer Review Report on OTC Derivatives Trade Reporting
  12. FSB Report on Proposal for a Disclosure Task Force on Climate-related Risks

In addition to these documents, the following information was posted on the FSB website: