Financial Stability Board

Kenneth Baker

Co-Chair RCG for the Americas

Managing Director and CEO, British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission

Mr. Kenneth Baker was appointed the second Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Commission in February 2021. As the Managing Director/CEO, he is responsible for the administration and operation of the Financial Services Commission. His responsibilities include regulating the BVI’s financial industry; the development of new service and product offerings aimed at developing and enhancing the attractiveness of the BVI as a situs for legitimate cross border financial services; and liaising with Government and private sector stakeholders in pursuance of this objective. Mr. Baker’s track record spans 37 years in the banking and financial services sector. He joined the Financial Services Department in June 2000 as the Inspector of Banks and Trust Companies after a private-sector career in banking. He was appointed Deputy Managing Director, Regulation in April 2005 and jointly held the position Director, Banking, Insolvency and Fiduciary Services Division.