Financial Stability Board

Andrew Bailey

Chair of SRC

Governor, Bank of England

Andrew Bailey has served as the Governor of the Bank of England since 16 March 2020. From 1 July 2016 until taking up the role of Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey served as Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As CEO of the FCA, he was also a member of the Prudential Regulation Committee, the Financial Policy Committee, and the Board of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Andrew Bailey previously held the role of Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation and CEO of the PRA at the Bank of England from 1 April 2013. While retaining his role as Executive Director of the Bank, he joined the Financial Services Authority in April 2011 as Deputy Head of the Prudential Business Unit and Director of UK Banks and Building Societies. In July 2012, Andrew Bailey became Managing Director of the Prudential Business Unit, with responsibility for the prudential supervision of banks, investment banks and insurance companies. He was appointed as a voting member of the interim Financial Policy Committee at its June 2012 meeting.

Previously, Andrew Bailey worked at the Bank of England in a number of areas, most recently as Executive Director for Banking Services and Chief Cashier, as well as Head of the Bank's Special Resolution Unit (SRU). Previous roles include Governor's Private Secretary, and Head of the International Economic Analysis Division in Monetary Analysis.


19 October 2021 FSB appoints new chairs to key committees

The FSB has appointed new chairs for SRC, SCSI and ReSG.
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