The table below shows information, provided by the IMF and the World Bank as of May 2022, on the status of FSAPs and publication of DARs for FSB jurisdictions.

FSB Jurisdiction Latest FSAP
Reports published2 Ongoing and
future FSAPs3
Argentina Jul 20134 yes4 yes (2011)5 yes (2011)5 yes (2011)5  
Australia Feb 2019 yes yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7  
Brazil Nov 2018 yes yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7  
Canada Jun 2019 yes yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7  
China Dec 2017 yes yes yes yes  
France Jul 2019 yes yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7  
Germany Jun 2016 yes yes yes (2011)7 yes (2011)7 2022
Hong Kong Jun 2021 yes yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7  
India Dec 2017 yes yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7  
Indonesia Jun 2017 yes yes (2010)7 yes yes (2010)7  
Italy Mar 2020 yes yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7  
Japan Jul 2017 yes yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7  
Korea Apr 2020 yes yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7  
Mexico Nov 2016 yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7 2022
Netherlands Apr 2017 yes yes (2011)7 yes (2011)7 yes (2011)7  
Russia Jul 2016 yes yes yes yes  
Saudi Arabia Oct 2017 yes yes (2011)7 not assessed yes (2011)7  
Singapore Jul 2019 yes yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7 yes (2013)7  
South Africa Feb 2022 yes yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7  yes (2014)7  
Spain Oct 2017 yes yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7 yes (2012)7  
Switzerland Jun 2019 yes yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7 yes (2014)7  
Türkiye Feb 2017 yes yes yes no (2006)6 2022
United Kingdom Feb 2022 yes yes (2016)7 yes yes (2011)7  
United States Aug 2020 yes yes (2015)7 yes (2015)7 yes (2015)7  
European Union Jul 2018 yes8 yes8 n/a n/a  

FSAP = Financial Sector Assessment Program.
DAR = Detailed Assessment Report on the observance of standards and codes.
FSSA = Financial Stability Assessment.
BCPs = Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s Basel Core Principles.
ICPs = International Association of Insurance Supervisors’ Insurance Core Principles.
IOSCO = International Organization of Securities Commissions’ Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation.
n/a = Not Applicable.

Note: The IMF has made it mandatory for 32 jurisdictions with systemically important financial sectors to undergo FSAP assessments every five years. These include all FSB member jurisdictions except Argentina and South Africa. These FSAP assessments are formally part of IMF Article IV consultations.

  1. Refers to the month that the Financial System Stability Assessment (FSSA) report was published by the IMF, except in the case of Argentina (see footnote 4).
  2. Refers to reports prepared as part of the latest FSAP (unless otherwise indicated). These include the FSSA and the DARs (Detailed Assessment Reports on the observance of standards and codes) on the BCBS’s Basel Core Principles (BCPs), the IAIS’s Insurance Core Principles (ICPs), and IOSCO’s Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation.   
  3. The dates, which refer to the calendar year of the concluding FSAP mission, are indicative and subject to change. For a number of FSB jurisdictions whose concluding FSAP missions take place in 2022, offsite FSAP work and the first on-site visit are already underway. 
  4. The FSSA of Argentina was completed in 2013 and published in February 2016.   
  5. Stand-alone ROSCs for Argentina were completed in October 2011.
  6. The last IOSCO assessment (not published) for Türkiye dates back to 2006.
  7. The published DARs date back to an earlier FSAP.
  8. Refers to the Euro Area.