New shocks may expose a number of current vulnerabilities while a number of vulnerabilities associated with structural changes are emerging.

This annual report provides an overview of the FSB’s work to tackle current and emerging vulnerabilities including:

  • Intensified monitoring of vulnerabilities and continued support of international cooperation and coordination in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine

  • Enhancing the resilience of the non-bank financial intermediation sector

  • Enhancing the resolvability of central counterparties (CCPs)

  • Strengthening regulation and supervision of risks from financial institutions’ reliance on critical third-party providers, as well as those institutions’ cyber incident reporting

  • Issuance of a set of proposed recommendations to achieve internationally consistent and comprehensive regulation of crypto-assets and markets, including stablecoins

  • Assessing and addressing climate-related financial risks

  • Taking forward the G20 roadmap to enhance cross-border payments

The report emphasises that, in the face of the current challenges for financial stability, timely and consistent implementation of G20 reforms remain as relevant as when they were initially agreed. The FSB and standard-setting bodies will continue to promote approaches to deepen international cooperation, coordination and information-sharing.