The peer review is being conducted in close consultation with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) and takes stock of how supervisors have changed, or plan to change, their prudential supervisory framework and approach for G-SIBs and, as appropriate, other domestically significant banks (collectively referred to as SIBs in this questionnaire), and what changes they consider most significant for enhancing supervisory effectiveness. This review focuses on various elements of a prudential supervisory framework and approach for SIBs. The reference documents for the review are the recommendations of the FSB group on Supervisory Intensity and Effectiveness (SIE); relevant standards published by the BCBS; and other publications as relevant . In particular, the peer review focuses on: supervisory mandate, strategy and culture; organisational structure; supervisory approach, methods and tools; cooperation; operational independence and resources; and lessons learned from the financial crisis.

As part of this review, the FSB invites feedback from financial institutions, industry associations and other stakeholders on the areas covered in the questionnaire. Feedback should be submitted to the FSB ([email protected]) by 12 September 2014.