The FSB LEI Implementation Group (IG) is seeking expressions of interest from external experts to participate in and contribute to the global LEI system operational solution demonstration day that will take place on October 15, 2012 in Basel, Switzerland1. Participants are invited to present and explain operational proposals and solutions which will advance the implementation and development of the global LEI system. A full range of contributions may be considered, from presentation and descriptions of proposals and potential solutions to formal demonstration of applications. The demonstration day is designed to provide an opportunity for participants from across the globe to present and discuss possible operational approaches that may be drawn on in the development of a detailed plan for the formation of the Central Operating Unit via the establishment of a non-for-profit LEI foundation, and that support a high degree of federation and local implementation under agreed and implemented common standards. As discussed in the FSB LEI report, the foundation would rely on the experience and knowledge of private sector participants to identify and develop the most technologically, financially and legally sound methods to implement the global LEI system. The demonstration day is not in any way related to any possible future vendor selection process for all or part of the operational system. Continue reading