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The sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6), updates the fifth edition (BPM5) that was released in 1993. The BPM6 provides guidance on the recording of cross-border transactions and positions according to a set of internationally-agreed guidelines, and provides greater clarity and details on an expanded range of international activities that affect the IMF's member countries. The BPM6 takes into account globalization (for example, currency unions, cross-border production processes, complex international company structures, and issues associated with labor mobility, such as remittances) and builds on the growing interest in examining vulnerability using balance sheet data (for example, greater elaboration of balance sheet components). It also contains increased and updated guidance on new financial instruments and financial activities linked to innovation (for example, on the treatment of short positions, goods under financial leases, and financial intermediation services indirectly measured).

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The Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF), which is used for comprehensive assessments of countries' data quality, covers institutional environments, statistical processes, and characteristics of the statistical products. The current May 2012 version of the DQAF is an update of the July 2003 version of the DQAF to reflect experience and international statistical developments, particularly updated international methodological standards.