Luigi Federico Signorini

Co-Chair RCG for Europe

Deputy Governor, Bank of Italy

Since 2013, Luigi Federico Signorini has been Deputy Governor of the Bank of Italy, and, in this capacity, member of the Bank of Italy Governing Board and of the Board of the Italian insurance authority (Ivass). He is also a member of the Basel Committee, the Board of the European Banking Authority, and other European and international bodies. Born in 1955, he studied economics at the University of Florence and at Harvard. He has worked for the Bank since 1982, when he joined the Research Department; his research interests have included structural policy, business cycles, local development, banking markets. In 1994-96 he was advisor and speechwriter for Prime Minister Dini. In 1996-98 he was responsible for the Bank’s network of regional research staff. In 1997-2008 he headed the Economic and Financial Statistics Department and participated in various ECB and EU statistical bodies. In 2008 he moved to financial supervision, as head of Regulation first, then of Banking groups supervision, and finally (2012-13) as managing director for the supervision area. He authored books and articles on local development, the structure of the Italian economy, economic analysis and economic statistics methodology; he wrote also a non-technical book on the Italian economy with Ignazio Visco.