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The revised methodology updates and replaces the G-SIB framework published in July 2013. It is expected to be implemented in member jurisdictions by 2021.

 While the core elements of the G-SIB framework are maintained, the revised methodology includes the following enhancements to the G-SIB framework:

  • Amending the definition of cross-jurisdictional indicators consistent with the definition of BIS consolidated statistics;

  • Introducing a trading volume indicator and modifying the weights in the substitutability category;

  • Extending the scope of consolidation to insurance subsidiaries;

  • Revising the disclosure requirements;

  • Providing further guidance on bucket migration and associated higher loss absorbency (HLA) surcharge when a G-SIB moves to a lower bucket; and

  • Adopting a transitional schedule for the implementation of these enhancements to the G-SIB framework.