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The Good Practices provide flexible, solid, but non-binding international guidance to strengthen financial education and awareness in the area of credit. The Good Practices pay special attention to mortgage products and are likely to be used by governments, credit market participants, social and business partners, each having a role in financial education and awareness raising. The Good Practices also propose special tools and methods to achieve their objectives and recognise that implementation needs to take account of national specificities.

International Endorsement : Approved as an OECD Council Recommendation (34 member countries) and recognised by EU, IMF and World Bank.   Also reviewed by the International Network on Financial Education: 93 countries.

International Application : The Good Practices apply to OECD and non-OECD countries and are used in the context of the International Network on Financial Education: 93 countries.

Assessment Methodology  

The Good Practices have been used in evaluations of five countries seeking OECD membership.  Informal assessments are being conducted at the occasion of regional and international seminars on financial education organised in OECD and non-OECD countries.   These evaluations are being drawn upon to develop a methodology for the assessment of the implementation of the Good Practices.