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This document sets out the details of the agreed Framework for measuring capital adequacy and the minimum standard to be achieved which the national supervisory authorities represented on the Committee will propose for adoption in their respective countries. The Committee intends the Framework set out here to be available for implementation as of yearend 2006. However, the Committee feels that one further year of impact studies or parallel calculations will be needed for the most advanced approaches, and these therefore will be available for implementation as of year-end 2007. This document was circulated to supervisory authorities worldwide with a view to encouraging them to consider adopting this revised Framework at such time as they believe is consistent with their broader supervisory priorities. This document is divided into four parts. The first part, scope of application, details how the capital requirements are to be applied within a banking group. Calculation of the minimum capital requirements for credit risk, operational risk, and market risk are provided in part two. The third and fourth parts outline expectations concerning supervisory review and market discipline, respectively.