Klaas Knot

Chair of SCAV

President, De Nederlandsche Bank

Klaas Knot has been President of DNB since 1 July 2011. By virtue of his position, he holds seats on the Governing Council and General Council of the European Central Bank, as well as on the Financial Stability Board, besides being a Governor of the International Monetary Fund.

Mr Knot holds several secondary positions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements and Chairman of the Koning Willem I Foundation, the Mr. N.G. Pierson Foundation, the Supervisory Board of Teylers Museum and the Supervisory Board of Stichting CliniClowns. Since 2005, he has been Professor of Economics of Central Banking at the University of Groningen and, with effect from 2015, he is Professor of Monetary Stability at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam. Mr Knot has published a variety of articles in prominent domestic and international journals in the fields of monetary and financial economics.

Before joining the Governing Board, Mr Knot was Deputy Treasurer-General and Director of Financial Markets at the Dutch Ministry of Finance (2009–2011). Earlier, from 1995, he worked for DNB for almost twelve years, in positions including Economic Policy Officer and Director of the Supervisory Policy Division. At different intervals during this period, Mr Knot was employed by the International Monetary Fund (1998-1999) and the former Pensions and Insurance Supervisory Authority of the Netherlands (2003-2004).

In 1991, Klaas Knot graduated with honours in General Economics from the University of Groningen. In 1995, he obtained a doctorate in Economics. Klaas Knot was born in Onderdendam on 14 April 1967.